Saturday, March 31, 2007


Finally I feel some change, not only on the outside but inside as well. I despise the feeling of being ‘up in the air’ and it is exactly what I have been experiencing recently. Thank God it is all over and I can start knitting again.

To get the sense of the spring I wanted a knit with summery yarn (bit tired of wool), something cheerful, happy, and bright.

The pattern that immediately came to my mind was Monkey. And monkey means cheeky, playful, carefree…. Here the choice of yarn came in, or rather the choice of the colourway: Happy Valley from Lorna’s Laces.

I personally think that it is the great colour choice as pattern can be easily distinguished and it is cheeky enough to be worn out with keds and shorts and a geeky t-shirt. Oh, I want summer!!!!

The meterage of the skew is so generous, I think I will cast on a mystery item with the ends (my own design representation of my boyfriend's ingenious idea)

PS: Ava, thank you for your congratulations (I still don’t know how the retrieve peoples email form their comments).

Monday, March 26, 2007


I’ve been an awful blogger recently: not writing, not commenting, and not even reading.
I have a very good reason for it actually-PhD interviews at Cambridge University. That’s right, my dream place-the fruit fly heaven, the Department of Genetics.
I’ve met lots of really-really nice and smart and friendly people over the two days I have spent in the lab.
And today Dr. Martinez-Arias confirmed that I can have a place in his lab, starting October 2007!!!!
It is an oral confirmation, not a written one yet, but I am sooooo happy my heart hurts.

These past two weeks were the most nerve breaking experience in my life: I could not sleep and eat, and I’ve lost 2.5kg during it. That explains why I could not knit and so haven’t blogged.

I am off getting back with my life now.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More images

From today's section on SEM

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not knitting but still art

I am afraid I wasn’t knitting much these past days, way too busy with my ‘primary’ life in a lab. This week I’ve been enjoying an introductory course to Electron microscopy. Pictures I was able to produce myself using pollen sample and SEM will follow later this week (Uni internet is way too slow).

For me molecular biology and genetics are fun and in a way a form of art. Some people have a misconception regarding the matter believing that science is all to do with maths. Well in a way it does, as it does with physics but then again physics may be regarded as a form of art too. You have to know how to draw diagrams, use sophisticated computer paint packages and take pictures (understanding the principle of image developing comes in pretty handy).

Aw, as some of you may have noticed I put a new name down in the ‘Progress section’, that is my new infatuation piece (again in tweed) called Martha. It comes from Rowan Studio Issue 2, and not from a Rowan mag. I am pretty happy with my progress so far: last weekend I’ve done the whole of the back and have to say it does look as good as in the picture.

Another thing I need to say or rather ask is a bit stupid, so here it goes: how do you find the e-mail of the person who commented in your post, so you may send him/her a thank you reply? I am totally lost…

Friday, March 09, 2007


I am not a gambler, at least not with respect to the casino game aspect of the definition, neither with respect to life decisions, but it seems like I might be a gambler when it comes to yarn meterage.

I have never knitted with Sundara Sock Yarn before, so I had no idea whether 1 skew will be sufficient for the sock I wanted. The Ripple Weave socks have adjustable pattern repeat, nothing to worry about, right? The problem is I set my heart on knitting exactly 7 repeats like on the mag model girl, knitted the first sock, absolutely loved the length, and started another one…

I wasn’t sure until the very end whether I would be able to make it. It is such a thrill not to be sure; it keeps you knitting frenzy and doesn’t get the ‘second sock syndrome’ to kick in.

So, after 2 evenings knitting like a complete knittoholic (does such word exist?), I finished the second sock with only 50cm of yarn left. Can you believe my luck?!! I have no idea what I would have done if I ran out of it since it is limited edition dye and there is absolutely no chance getting another skew. I know I would have to rip it but then I know even better that I would never make myself to re-knit it one repeat shorter.

This is a true colour (above)

Model: Ripple Weave Socks form VK Fall 2006
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn in 'Navy over Pink'
Needles: Addi's DPN 2.5mm
Modifications: I chose to knit complete 7 repeats pattern

This is the reason I think it is called Weave

Pattern is double sided, cannot decide which side I like more

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This weekend was very productive; I finished my GG top but didn’t have enough time this week to take pictures of me in it. Verdict: LOVE it! Love everything about it: the simplicity of the design, the fact that it is top-to-bottom knit, the way the colour looks in the pain st. st. This yarn is made for the plain st. st. But is it a Kiwi colour? For me it looks more like green apple on the sunny day or pistachio.

Model: GG from Zephyrstyle
Yarn: 5 balls of Lana Grossa ‘New Cotton’ in colour kiwi
Needles: Addi’s circular 24’ and 40’ in 3.5mm and 4.0mm, Addi’s DPN 3.5mm
Modification: well, a part from the initial cast and the fancy pattern everything had been knitted to fit my body and so had been knitted from my head and not using the instruction

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Remember my green bolero, the one I crocheted last summer and wore only once to make pictures of it. Well, I have finally ripped it and casted a completely new project with the salvaged yarn, a knitted project as I am not a crocheter.
It is a Green Gable: the picture is rather old (taken today in the morning), I am now down to waist. I thought of taking pictures of me wearing it, but then even down to waist it is still revealing.
This is my first top-to-bottom knit and I do love it. I can play with the pattern, do increases and decreases whenever I want and if it does not look right I might just rip couple of rows and start all over again. This particular yarn is perfect for plain stockinette stitch; want to finish it as soon as possible. But since I only knit on the weekends now, it will take some time.