Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not knitting but still art

I am afraid I wasn’t knitting much these past days, way too busy with my ‘primary’ life in a lab. This week I’ve been enjoying an introductory course to Electron microscopy. Pictures I was able to produce myself using pollen sample and SEM will follow later this week (Uni internet is way too slow).

For me molecular biology and genetics are fun and in a way a form of art. Some people have a misconception regarding the matter believing that science is all to do with maths. Well in a way it does, as it does with physics but then again physics may be regarded as a form of art too. You have to know how to draw diagrams, use sophisticated computer paint packages and take pictures (understanding the principle of image developing comes in pretty handy).

Aw, as some of you may have noticed I put a new name down in the ‘Progress section’, that is my new infatuation piece (again in tweed) called Martha. It comes from Rowan Studio Issue 2, and not from a Rowan mag. I am pretty happy with my progress so far: last weekend I’ve done the whole of the back and have to say it does look as good as in the picture.

Another thing I need to say or rather ask is a bit stupid, so here it goes: how do you find the e-mail of the person who commented in your post, so you may send him/her a thank you reply? I am totally lost…

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