Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 30!

I am still alive and doing well! With both crises being over, I can simply enjoy myself now. And considering how busy work wise I've been all week, I would say not eating certainly has plus sides. For instance, I do not have to think about lunch and dinner, I can just go on with my experiment without rushing for a quick one now and then.

My tongue is almost completely pink now and I am starting to feel hunger pangs for about 2-5min every couple of days, therefore I am not sure I will fast for another full 10 days, maybe just 5. I do not want to abuse my body and I am pretty happy with the way I look now.

I am down to 64.1kg

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 20: Half way point!

I am half day done!!! Well I am currently just way too tired to be cheerful, not feeling that well at all today, was sleepy all afternoon and once again found it rather difficult to walk up the stairs. Just really want to feel more energetic again. So I am off to bed,

my weight is the same today

Monday, May 04, 2009

Days 17-19 and Dulce

Sorry for not writing, I haven't stopped fasting I had my crisis point. And oh God was it bad, At some point I thought I would not make it through. My whole body was hurting really bad for two days. I am only happy it happened during the bank holiday weekend and not during the working week, that would have been a complete disaster. At any rate it is over now, and I did have a good night sleep tonight since haven't slept at all previous night. I would not wish anyone to go through it, all books say crisis it tough but I was not prepared.
I am down to 66.7kg!

Also, just to show what loosing all this weight means in turns of clothes is the picture of Dulce. When I've started it it in mid-March I swear it was a perfect fit for me, not any more. More info on Ravelry

Friday, May 01, 2009

Day 16

I don't know what to write really, just another day full of work. I am feeling OK and not that hungry. Didn't sleep that much last night because of work, so feeling tired today.

I am down to 68.5kg