Monday, May 04, 2009

Days 17-19 and Dulce

Sorry for not writing, I haven't stopped fasting I had my crisis point. And oh God was it bad, At some point I thought I would not make it through. My whole body was hurting really bad for two days. I am only happy it happened during the bank holiday weekend and not during the working week, that would have been a complete disaster. At any rate it is over now, and I did have a good night sleep tonight since haven't slept at all previous night. I would not wish anyone to go through it, all books say crisis it tough but I was not prepared.
I am down to 66.7kg!

Also, just to show what loosing all this weight means in turns of clothes is the picture of Dulce. When I've started it it in mid-March I swear it was a perfect fit for me, not any more. More info on Ravelry


cve said...

Настя, какая же ты умница! столько силы воли! а мне бы сбросить килограмчиков 2-3, а все никак от плюшек не откажусь)) очень красивая кофточка у тебя!

AV said...

Sveta, spasibo. Da kakkaya tam sila voli, esli by ona u menya byla, ya by voobwe ves ne nabrala ;). A ty otlichno vyglyadish posle rodov, i ne skazhesh, chto razhavshaya