Monday, March 26, 2007


I’ve been an awful blogger recently: not writing, not commenting, and not even reading.
I have a very good reason for it actually-PhD interviews at Cambridge University. That’s right, my dream place-the fruit fly heaven, the Department of Genetics.
I’ve met lots of really-really nice and smart and friendly people over the two days I have spent in the lab.
And today Dr. Martinez-Arias confirmed that I can have a place in his lab, starting October 2007!!!!
It is an oral confirmation, not a written one yet, but I am sooooo happy my heart hurts.

These past two weeks were the most nerve breaking experience in my life: I could not sleep and eat, and I’ve lost 2.5kg during it. That explains why I could not knit and so haven’t blogged.

I am off getting back with my life now.

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Ava said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's fantastic and impressive news!