Saturday, March 03, 2007


Remember my green bolero, the one I crocheted last summer and wore only once to make pictures of it. Well, I have finally ripped it and casted a completely new project with the salvaged yarn, a knitted project as I am not a crocheter.
It is a Green Gable: the picture is rather old (taken today in the morning), I am now down to waist. I thought of taking pictures of me wearing it, but then even down to waist it is still revealing.
This is my first top-to-bottom knit and I do love it. I can play with the pattern, do increases and decreases whenever I want and if it does not look right I might just rip couple of rows and start all over again. This particular yarn is perfect for plain stockinette stitch; want to finish it as soon as possible. But since I only knit on the weekends now, it will take some time.

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