Saturday, February 17, 2007

7 ways

All through this week I have been inspired by big knitting. I saw it in so many places; I lost my sleep and started thinking how I could possibly adapt it in my own knits. After all, it is going to be one of the biggest fashion trends in the coming Fall/Winter; I know it is almost a year from now, but I always preferred to be ahead rather then behind in fashion.

If you feel you might do with some of that inspiration yourself please check out Olga’s lovely blog for latest catwalk pictures and a new book by Twinkle.

About my actual result, well here it is. WARNING: high picture contents ahead.
Remember, I knitted the skiing sweater from Cascade Magnum earlier this winter. I was never fully satisfied by the neck and it only took 5 balls of yarn rather then 6 mentioned in the pattern. I was planning to use the ball on a mystery original design but last night the longing for the big turtle neck took a grip over me and I had to knit.
I picked up the sweater, the extra ball and I can now reveal my very own modified version of the sweater. There are 7 different ways of wearing the huge neck.

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