Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I call it skiing sweater

As there is no name for each of the VK models, I ll have to make one.
The sweater is finished, but not without some disappointment: the collar does not look like one on the actual pictured model unless you stay in her pose with someone adjusting it on your shoulders prior to shooting. Practical? Not, so how can I ever trust their pattern if it just doesn't look the part? I guess it is all my fault as I never actually knitted yolk style before, if I did I would have known that the actual picture was not the real life one. But would I knit it anyway? Yes, I think I would as it is still pretty.
So here it is: my version of the sweater with 2 modifications:
1. the sleeves are chimeric (mirror image) instead of being the same
2. the collar is 10cm longer then the original because unless you are staying in the modelled pose your neck is exposed and lets face it what is the use of the super warm sweater if it leaves the neck cold?
The first picture was taken yesterday with the original neck line, the rest are modified.

Pattern: model 16 VK Holidays 2006
Yarn: almost 5 skews of Cascade Magnum in colour Celery for size Medium
Materials: Susan Bates US 17 29' needles and 12.00mm Addi 40' circulars
Modifications: see above

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