Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thoughts out loud.

This is the beginning of my holidays and a perfect time to actually knit something. I have spent the whole day yesterday knitting the back of the Blue Bell top (Model 15 of the latest VK).

The problem with it is that the largest size they offer is 12cm smaller for me at the chest. I took all my measurements and compared them with the one given. The Medium size given should have been OK for me up to the increases from the waist up. It should have been, but it wasn’t. They actually give measurements 2cm bigger then the actual knit is and with the stretching allowance, what they don’t tell is that this particular pattern is better left unstretched as it makes you look like a fat hunchback.

So, I ended up frogging 60 rows and would have to make up the pattern now. I hate doing it, coz it leaves me in the limbo up to the moment both fronts and the back a safely sewn together to make sure whether it has worked or not.
And now I don’t want to see the damn thing (I have a cold right now and so have a very short patience). Instead I am thinking of knitting this. What do you think?

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