Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An impulsive knit

You know how it is sometimes: you understand that you should be working on the certain knit, but you just can’t force yourself because somehow that knit becomes compulsory. This is exactly what happened to me this week. I was going to work solemnly on my Phildar Jacket and try to finish it off but just never could make myself.

I am getting towards the end of it now with fronts, back, 2 sleeves and one pocket being done. I now need to finish the second pocket and knit a huge front plank. And then of course I will have to wash, block and assemble it, not a small task but I will get there.

So, instead of being constant I stated that new impulsive knit: the Ripple Weave socks from VK Fall 06. Something is not right with me, ever since I finished that Christmas stocking I became bewitched by the whole sock knitting experience, I have to knit it. Strange, isn’t it? As soon as one pair is done I must find another one. And I bought this glorious Sundara Sock Yarn; it is the best sock yarn I worked with ever!!!

One sock is done now and I better hide the remaining yarn and work on that cardi before I cast on the second sock.

Love that Welsh Heel

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