Friday, April 06, 2007

Useful or useless

Cannot decide actually, so what do you think?

When I finished my first Monkey Sock I was left with quite a leftover of yarn and taking into account the colour of it, I was completely lost at the prospect of finding a project that would incorporate it (I don’t like to store leftovers)

My boyfriend took a look and proposed to knit wrist bands. At the time I must say the idea seemed too appealing to resist because I use them very-very often. Ok, here is an embarrassing fact about me: as soon as the temperature strikes 25C my face starts to sweat enormously, just like in a sauna. I don’t sweat anywhere else but the face. Nothing helps against it, I can’t use any make up during the summer time, and to make things worse there is no hope of growing out of it. It is hereditary, my father and grandmother are just the same.

To wipe my brow I tend to go through loads of tissue per day and 2-3 wrists, so you see: it is an essential item for me. The thing I have noticed over the years as that sport wristbands are not as tough as they should be: they do not survive for more then a month in my care and every day wash (Nike sometimes lasts longer).

Here is the ingeniousness of my boyfriend’ idea: the yarn is for socks, so it is the toughest one available and in theory should withstand the summer. We’ll see about it.

Ok, enough on the advantages of the knit, coming to the uselessness of it: it took a really long time to knit. They only look small but being done on 1.5mm, it took about an evening each and I grew sooooo tired after the first one. I was only able to complete them employing all the willpower I seem to posses. I could have done a large garment at the time ‘wasted’.

Now you see why I have this mix feeling toward my wristbands

Model: Wristbands by me (72st x80rows for XS wrists)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in colourway ‘Happy Valley’ (about 0.5-0.75 of the ball for the three of them)
Needles: Pony 1.5mm(US 000)

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Navi said...

I think they will make a very good mindless project, sort of like socks but easier as they have no heels or toes, pretty useful way to use leftover yarn too.