Sunday, April 15, 2007


Came and went so fast, I don’t event feel like I had one at all. I had so many knitting plans to convey but had a food poisoning instead.

As soon as I’ve finished wristbands I’ve decided to stay true to my initial proposal and pick up Highgate again. Which I did only to see yet another mistake at row 13! I am crazy about mistakes; I just have to have none of them if I possibly can, so I’ve ripped the whole front and started afresh. I am now back to where I’ve started: row 120.

Then I thought I could start another socks and relax for a while, sure I did, only I’ve chosen the wrong kind of socks for it: Eunny Yang’s entrelac knee-highs from IK Spring 2007. 2 evenings spend knitting frenzy, 5-6 ripping, plus ~10 ripping of the toe cast on. I don’t enjoy the process yet; I am now up to heel on the right sock and no passion.

To cheer up I’ve started a shawl: Swallowtail from IK Fall 2006 in Handmaiden Sea silk. That is a fantastic and utterly rewarding knit!

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Navi said...

The shawl is stunning, I long to try some sea silk myself. I love the entrelac sock too. Too bad you had to rip an entire front, be strong :)