Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blocking gets easier with time

I have to say it does not feel as a torture anymore, with a good practice it is manageable. I finished, washed and blocked the Swallowtail Shawl. The end result pictures in 'real life' will be taken later

The end result is stunning (well in my view); it is perfect for the summer and will go with different outfits. I know the colour is not mine but as is the shawl. That is right the yarn and the project were chosen back in January to become a present for my mum (she is blonde and has blue eyes, so fingers crossed she will be glad to receive it). I am proud of myself as I have finished it beforehand not a month or two after the birthday. I will go to visit my family at the end of May for about 10 days (cannot wait) and will give it to her. I think I will also take some pictures of my damned Phildar jacket as well on my mum

1 comment:

Navi said...

Beautiful! Im sure your mom will love it.

If i ever get my package of seasilk it will become a swallowtail.