Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It has been really cold over here recently, so cold in fact that it even snowed last night. I know for many parts of the world snow is nothing more than an every winter event (I am Russian, I should be used to it), but for England it is something rare and unusual.
Thank God, I don’t have to travel till Friday, when it had snowed last year trains stopped running.

Anyways, because it is so cold I’ve got a chance to wear my River shawl together with the matching hat. I even bought a lovely felted broche to go with it.

On the knitting news: all of my knitting will have to wait till weekend as I have left it in Cam deliberately (it is a new term and I have to focus on it). However, on Sunday night I made further progress on Demi: it is 4 complete diamonds now. I find it quit a struggle to photograph it as the colour is so dark. Honestly, I am not sure I will make it justice when it will come to modelling for the FO post.

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