Saturday, January 20, 2007


I don’t know what is gotten into me but all I like recently is tweed. Maybe it is because I spend too much time in Cambridge?
I still have absolutely no progress on my Phildar jacket but I have casted on two new projects and both of them are tweed and discontinued tweed as well.
The first project is Highgate which is from 2003 Jaeger Pattern book and I saw it at sweetgeorgia in September, fell in love and started to look for the yarn. Back in October I managed to buy required quantity in the colourway I wanted (I am not much of the pink person). What can I say: LOVE it! This yarn is fabulous! I have knitted up to shoulders, spotted a mistake I have done 65 rows back and sadly had to frog.

Every time I do frog something I get angry with it and my interest in the thing wears off for some time, so I have started Demi. I am much more advanced now since taking this picture yesterday.

Initially, I was not planning on knitting it this year, I wanted to knit Beau for my boyfriend: ordered this discontinued yarn, and after I have paid, the seller on the internet shop said they run out of the colour and since it had been discontinued I could either get a refund or choose a different colour. I chose a different colour… everyone(ckeck out Ashley and Miss Elliphantom ) seems to be knitting it now, I just got the vibe...


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh, Highgate looks lovely. I love the color of the yarn you chose.

jen said...

I've been obsessing over Highgate lately too. Great colour! Where did you find the yarn?