Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

I think there is something completely wrong with me as I cannot stand synthetic yarn. It is ridiculous; I can even detect the 15% mix. So, my hands were absolutely killing me and I had to frog Christmas Stocking. I decided to go to Robert Sayles (John Lewis) today in search of something alternative, at least that was the plan. Ha, yeah right, alternative came in the form of something expensive: RCY. So far I only got 2 balls and then will buy more as I come along.

I also became tempted by the Rowan Studio first issue, so here it comes and the model which I want but not sure will fit me.

The mail order came in today with my long waited and anticipated alpaca (my future VK beret). And I absolutely love it, so gorgeous and soft. Plus it smells fantastic! Now I have to wait for 9mm DPN, and it will take another 2 weeks as retailed run out of stock.

(The colour is teal. So I guess the second picture is closer to real yarn, however not exactly. My camera hates me)

And another thing, I had such a stressful week last week that I just wanted a relaxing knit, without row counting, stitches counting, something I could do from the top of my head. I read Eunny blog and the idea struck me: I have long wanted this Gedifra Highlights 42 sweater and I had the yarn for it at the bottom of the stash: so here it comes, first rows revealed.

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