Saturday, November 11, 2006


My whole week went fast under the pursuit of my very own scientific poster, which I will present on Tuesday. I took me enormously long to do coz I’ve never actually done one in PowerPoint before. Next time I will go for Publisher as pictures turned out washy and had to be altered into higher pixel content at the print shop, and it did cost me big time. Just thinking about how much yarn I could have bought with all that money makes me want to cry.

As I wrote in the previous post I decided to re-knit the Stocking in RYC. And I have to say it: it is bloody addictive. I could not stop knitting it and had to lock it, so I could concentrate on the poster.
So far I’ve knitted it up to foot and I already encountered 6 mistakes in the pattern!!! This is not common for VK; anyway I knitted from picture using common sense and ignoring 2 sentences of the actual pattern, and then pattern went on stitch-to-stitch with what I was knitting! Hurray!

The colour bright white, as at the first picture, taken on Thursday.


Michelle said...

Holy moly, that sock is spectacular!

Cookie said...

WOW, that sock is beautiful!

AV said...

Thank you, but I made a mistake myself and had to frog entire Gausset. Will pick it up on Thursday.