Saturday, October 28, 2006

Christmas Stocking

Should I really knit yet another project, well... I can think about it later and for now I just went with a flow and started a swap Christmas project. I am doing it for a girl from another knitting blog, as it is a secret swap she has no idea I am making it for her and I will probably get my present form a completely different person of the swap group. I find this fascinating... the intrigue of missing identity I mean.
After a long time spend considering what I actually should knit, I saw this Christmas stocking at the latest VK and the issue solved itself. Christmas is a special time after all and this project does capture the meaning and spirit of the game.

I am knitting with a really strange yarn I got at a car boot sale last year for 50pence. It is a giant ball of 100% polyacrylic. I know it is cheap... but cheerful! The girl will not wear the sock, so who cares if it is soft or not. I will put a mystery personal item inside knitted from natural luxurious yarn.

My progress so far (36 rows)


Ashley said...

Ahhhh...that stocking is LOVELY. I guess I'm going to have to buy the holiday VK!!

AV said...

Thank you, I am up to row 52 and I have to say it is a large sock. Because of my yarn and all the intricate Aran work, my hands are sore, and I put it away till weekend.
I think you should definitely get this issue, I want 2/3 of it....