Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oct 2005-Oct 2006 knits

Well I just thought that since I haven't knitted much this week, I ll show you some of my previous knits.

My first ever sweater for myself. I do like it, but the way I sew it together...well it does need some re-doing to look less authentic

My first crochet shawl in camouflage, this is for home-ONLY-wear.

Jacket from VK 1999, it is too large for me even on this picture, and now it is giant since I ve lost 10kg. However, it is a perfect fit for my grandma and she loves it.

My beloved hand warmers from Rowan 38, absolutely adore them and want to knit another pair in sutler colours so that the lace motif could be seen

Ahhhhh, my crocheted bolero, well I will frog it in the future...

Another piece from German Verena, but again it is too large for me now

Baby-children knits

Jacket from Phildar for my niece. It took me absolute ages to finish as it has all the details adult clothes does

Matching combo from Phildar. My most proud of piece, I think I did a good job with it.

This was a present for my sisters 4th birthday. Pattern from VK 1999, yarn Rowan Cotton Glaze, so far it is the only Rowan yarn I hate.

And yet another present for my niece, this is.... well how much my imagination stretches with Barbie pink colour.

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