Wednesday, October 25, 2006

14 hrs of sleep and no knitting again

Cannot believe it, but I actually slept for 14 hours last night, but I didn't sleep for the whole week before, I mean I only slept like 3hrs a night and it drove me ballistic.
I subsequently had absolutely no time left for knitting and these 3 projects are pressurising me by simply lying in their box. Each time I look at the box I feel a huge guilt growing in me.
At least I went to see a really good movie 'The History Boys'. Anyone interested please go and watch it, wont regret. It hasn't been anything nice coming out recently with Halloween on the way ppl are only interesting in something horror or in girl-type silly things, like 'Devil wears Prada', which I did watch and hugely regretted the wasted 2hrs of my life.
Coming back to The history Boys: it is funny and sad just in right proportion and it does grab you for some time. So, I've been thinking about what makes a good movie? I guess for me it is something personal in it: it either makes a connection to you through some experience, or you just feel a shadow of the strong feelings being portrayed beautifully, or you simply appreciate the art side of it. My boyfriend loves movies with good lines/ phrases (these are mostly British made, coz admit it, Brits are better with their language)

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