Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween everyone!

I am not so keen on it myself actually but I know a lot of ppl are. I am more inclined towards the next celebration in UK, the Bonfire night on the 4th of November this year (which is this weekend). Cannot wait!!!
I was planning on wearing my Odessa hat to the venue, but it might not be the case since my Spencer gloves are far from being finished. I have to study for my presentation on Thursday, but I think I will finish them somehow.
I know there are not that many ppl reading my blog, but just to let you know I am a type of girl who is absolutely bonker about hats. I mean I have loads of them, half of my wardrobe or so. Right now I am planning to knit 3 new ones: the Beret from latest VK, a replica of Sonia Rykiel beret and the infamous Marc Jacobs Mushroom hat which I know many of you have already done. As soon as I repair my camera I ll post some pics of the yarn.

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Michelle said...

Those are great hats! I've never seen the Marc Jacobs Mushroom hat before, but I love it. I'd make it myself, but I get the feeling that it would make me look somewhat phallic.

Have a great bonfire night!