Sunday, April 26, 2009

Days 10 and 11

I didn't get the chance to write last night, so today is a brief summary for two days. On Friday night we went playing badminton, after about 30min I was already tired bit still made it till the end. We were playing no-stop though, so it was pretty intense.

Yesterday I spend half a day in the garden doing some cleaning, planting more flowers and sorting out seeds and and seedlings. This year I am planning on growing two types of tomatoes, two types of courgettes, some sugar snaps, French broad beans, spinach and basil. Only and one or two of each though since the garden is tiny and communal (we are shearing with two other neighbours). I am very excited about it, cannot wait until end of May so I can plant it all outside!

We also went to Gary Moor concert last night, that was nice but very tiresome, I've never been in the standing before in my life, balcony or tables is just so much more comfortable!

Oh, I am doing abit of knitting as well, nothing much but I have finished a top which I simply cannot photograph due to the ever chaning weather; next week will be even worse with continious rain :(((

I am down to 70.1kg

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