Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 2

One day down 6 more to go... Well excluding last night it is not that difficult! During the day I was too busy to think about food much and plain food for lunch haven't bother me, but the evening came and all have changed.
I was super hungry, do not think it was a real physiological hunger more like me being so used to having a nice dinner with my DB. And he was having his in front of me and watching the great British menu where they showed an amazing fish pie. Have to say it did nearly resulted in me suffocating from excess saliva ;) Tough, I really had to pull all my concentration, hopefully it will get better today.

On the positive site: I did not get any headache in the evening! I was experiencing a lot of saltiness on the back of my throat through out the day (this was very annoying) and to my goals. I managed to go down to 2.5L all together (by 1.5L I have meant cold water I take during the day but also I am having a large cup of warm one before meal intakes and in the evening). And I am 76.4kg today, I know it is not fat yet, just excess liquid but still I do feel better and less bloated.

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