Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WW and going bi-lingual (possibly)

This again is a non-knitting post, just an update on what I am up to. Well.... I did a lot of misery eating during my rough times and put on 10kg, which is a LOT of weight. I kind of was in denial about it as I naturally prefer hugging clothes. But 2 weeks ago it struck me that I was completely out of breath after running up the stairs. It wasn't just about the way I looked it was about not being fit enough for my job (I run and stand a lot). It was time to do something.

A friend of mine told me about Weight Watchers, she wanted to go herself, so we ended up signing up together. Yesterday was my first proper weighting (after 1 full week on the points system), and I've lost 1kg (2lb)! So, I am definitely sticking to it.

Another thing is, I was thinking of carrying this blog in two languages (English and Russian) but seriously is there a point in doing it?


Navi said...

Good for you! I should try the WW system myself with the wedding coming up.

I write my blog in spanish too because I have some spanish speakers blog-friends and is good, sometimes too much work.

AV said...

Well I think my DB and me also might get married this autumn (civil ceremony only, nothing fancy), the proper thing with the dress will be much later when I finish with PhD. But still, I do not want to look enormous

Katya said...

wow, Nastya! i bet the news about marriage should be in 2 languages :) too many only russian-speaking friends are moving to this blog system.

my congrats and best-best-best wishes!!! :)