Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One down, One to go

I had my first of the two exams yesterday. Thank God it is over, next week this time I will be free like a bird, knitting frenzy for all I care.

I haven’t been knitting for a week now, and I have cravings. Seriously the thought of knitting keeps me sane in times like this when I go for 48 hours of continuous studying on pure adrenaline.

Today is the day dedicated to rest, so I have time to blog and show some pics of the current and future projects.

My current project Mimosa from Summer IK 06 (was current before exams). To be honest, I didn’t like it in the mag, just flipped through and forgot all about it. But then I saw it being knitted by Elizabeth and fell in love. I am copying her version completely; I even went for the same yarn in the same colourway. Shame on me ;)

Secondly I think I’ll post a couple of the project I will be knitting soon: Bolero for my sis and top for myself.

1 comment:

Navi said...

good luck with the last exam and your sweater, is beautiful but not good for my body type. Also is that bolero crocheted or is in novelty yarn?