Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All Done!!!

So, what do you do when you finally finish your exams?... Fall sick, I swear I do, I think I overstretch myself with revision; I was so worried eventually I could not sleep. In the past two weeks my sleeping pattern went all sorts of ways, generally speaking, the insomnia kicked in. The exam yesterday was great, I think I did well, when I opened the paper I knew everything, so revision was good overall

But before turning ill, yesterday afternoon, I went for a little treat… not so little treat, the mighty expensive treat.

I was long planning my visit to the London Loop yarn shop, I do buy online from them for God knows how long, but being there in person is totally different. The main thing which struck me is its size, it is astonishingly tiny, but at the same time it has huge amount of yarn laying everywhere mixed with needles, hooks, books, mags, accessories.

My primer reason for visiting was Habu (they stock it but very-very little). Look at what I’ve got, isn’t it cute! Some purl bee cowl soon to be.

From that point I could not hold myself and bought some Alchemy as well which I was eyeing since IK Spring Issue. You know the lace nightie, I want it but not in bamboo, in silk, and it will be a top.

I am off to lay down and maybe knit something eventually (yep I still didn’t knit a single stitch, maybe I forgot how)


Elemmaciltur said...

Congrats on the fact that the exams are done! Hope you get well soon so that you'd be able to start knitting up a storm! ;-)

Navi said...

Id love to know how the habu knits up so be sure to give details after you recover.

Congrats for finish the exams in one piece, hope you get well soon.