Friday, February 02, 2007

Weirdly shaped

I have finally defeated the twisted devil and picked up Phildar Jacket. It is spring soon and I have been trying to knit it since summer. If I don’t pull myself together now, it will be virtually impossible later. I am very proud of myself I dare say as I finished both fronts! You may argue that they are not difficult, but to me they are: not only I have to knit in a reverse stockinet stitch (I find it extremely boring), but also the shape is so closely-fitting, I have to be very careful with constant row counting. For me it is 10 times more complicated than Demi.

Anyways, as soon as I finished 2 pieces I blocked them, I was just curious about the outcome as they rolled into tubes and I could not envisage the design. I also started the back immediately; 40 rows done by now, not much, but something.

The blocking itself was very complicated, I have spend no least then 53minutes on it!!!. This is because I could not do it right about 4 times, eventually I ended up blocking them wrong side up, it doesn’t make any difference but decreases and increases are much more visible.

I also washed and blocked Demi’ back, here it the picture of it (the best one out of probably 20 shots) wet but not blocked yet.

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