Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, same life

I hope all had a nice time over holidays. It is just so sad it is so soon over and done with. I didn’t knit as much I would have wished for and spend most of the time in bed ill.

This is a strange thing: I am getting the cold every two weeks now and my immune system doesn’t have enough time for the simplest rehab. Awful… it all started this September as I had get another abscess on my toe (as if 3 operations last year wasn’t enough), last year I had been found to have an MRS infection which I got in the hospital over here in UK. I was treated with yet another extensive course of antibiotic cocktail. It sort of worked for the toe, but now I am so weak I have these continuous relapses of cold. I only hope it would pass soon.

Anyway, I was ok on the actual New Year Eve and went out with my boyfriend and friends. It was nice, not too outrageous, not a drinking-dancing night, just a nice conversation night.

I have been thinking about resolutions for some time now and decided to say a no to them, chances of me keeping them are just too faint because what could the resolutions of the knitter be? Yes, as usual: not too buy too much yarn and try to use the stash. I would love to do it, but not sure I am strong enough.

On the more cheerful news: I have received the ball of yarn needed to finish Gedifra sweater off. Thank you, a wonderful Lana, a woman in Germany whom I never met in my life, but who has such a generous heart.

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