Thursday, November 30, 2006


It was my b-day yesterday and I just want to show my fantastic gifts: 3 great books by CUP and a new BBC movie-documentary about earth. I loved the old version of the film but this one is astonishingly good, it is brilliant, one of the best movies I have ever seen!!!!

Of course I have not watched it fully yet, as it is on 5 disks! And each disk is about 3 hours long! But I have seen the first one today and I am so impressed I had to blog about it.

I know I am a huge fan of National Geographic and all the programs about Earth, but it is so beautifully done and has the footage of some species never shown before: like the natural intimate story about the Snow leopard. It took bloody 3 years to shoot and it is only a little part of the movie; or the part about the forest change over the year following the seasons, shown from space, pictures collected over the year. I mean can it possibly be any better!!!!!

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