Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winning another battle

I have been knitting a sweater for my DB for the past two years. The pattern is not that difficult but there are just way too many problems with it. To start I've decided to knit it in the original yarn which have been discontinued for a very long time... Why, because I've done another sweater in it and really like it, so I went ahead and bought enough on the e-bay... Well, I though that it would be enough based on the yardage suggested, little did I know that it was oh so wrong and I would eventually run out of yarn twice!!! Fist time happened last year just when it is been in the making for nearly a whole year, I was lucky and bought 2 more balls on Ravelry (just to be on the safe side).
The sweater was supposed to be a birthday present, so this October I've picked it up... and run out of yarn yet again! Now after over a month of searching I have enough to complete... And what happens.. sleeve caps are completely wrong: they are massive, enormous, gigantic!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not like to assemble sweaters, even less I like to recalculate sleeve caps, this time however, I was forced to do just that... one sleeve is in now, the second is waiting, then the collar... Oh the struggle continues but I will not be defeated by some wool

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Sergey said...

The post does not make it clear that it was originally intended to be a present for my Nov 08 Bday:) Just shows how messed up the thing is.