Sunday, November 01, 2009

FO: Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf

Finally a proper FO! A spontaneous project knitted on a whim of inspiration. I love Nancy Bush designes and so her recent book Knitted lace of Estonia isn't an exception. This scarf is my second project from it and I have to say it is most definitely not the last. I fell in love with this scarf from the start but did not have any green coloured yarn in my stash, so one day last month I was looking at one of the blogs I am often reading and there I saw the yarn! It was a beautiful shade of green, beautiful yarn, so I quickly went to etsy shop got the desired skew in colour Marigold. And not only it is simply stunning it is also entirely organic!
So the yarn came in two weeks ago and very quickly I could not knit anything else. I guess there is no need to say I LOVE the end result and have been wearing it daily through last week. More pictures of the scarf are on my Ravelry page


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Очень красиво! Молодечик, что вяжешь! у меня продолжается невязальный период.