Friday, July 10, 2009

Life after fasting

I haven't died. I fasted for two more days following the last entry and then started to feel pretty sick and had to slowly start eating.
I am doing fine and put on very little weight in the past 1 1/2 months of eating. The lowest weight went down to 62.8kg and now I am 64.5kg. My life had changed in the process, I fell in love with the food I could not stand before and stopped liking many things I did.

Unfortunately, I have also stopped knitting, the more I fasted the more I wanted to stop. I am into cross stitching now, something I had stopped 5 years ago when I picked up knitting. I did put on weigh around that time, so maybe there is a connection. I like looking at my yarn and do feel guilty about not knitting but really don't want to do it now.

Here is how I look now (with my mum visiting Ely)


Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear you are OK. Be happy, Ely cathedral looks great in the photo. I have to get there next time I come over.

Katy (bloshka) said...

Настя, какие вы клёвые с мамой, ты так преобразилась! челка и стройность тебе очень к лицу!
а что не вяжется - значит так надо, перерывы тоже полезны ))

Ava said...

You look great! I'm a lapsed cross-stitcher. Wonder why we can't work on knit and stitch projects at the same time as we work on multiple knitting projects? Anyway, post some of your stitching projects if you're inclined.

AV said...

Thank you guys! I am happy with myself finally ;) and I am still losing weight but slowly, I think it should go down to 60 by NY.
I will be posting about stittching from now on on regular basis

stricky said...

You look just great after fasting! and i hope you'll take up knitting some day as i like your works so much!