Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 4

Today is already day 4 of my adventure. I am much better with denying myself any food by now. Last night I couldn't go to church for the Easter service because I cannot take communion, this is probably one of the big downsides for me, but there was no other choice. Refusiong to take it would have beed like slapping the priest.

I did experience a lot of kidney pain through out yesterday which is very unusual to me as I never ever had any problems with them, I think it is because I dehydrated myself, so I bought mineral water with low salt composition and drank about 4L of it. The pain has gone completely by now. But now I have a slight burning in my heart...

My tongue is completely white which is a typical symptom of detoxification of the body, oh and my teeth look so much whiter now as if I professionally cleaned them (that is probably due to the lack of coffee and tea ;))

I am 73.2kg today! Almost -5kg


Pervoklashka-2 said...

Hello Nastya!
Sorry to hear you are not well.Hope tomorrow will much better.
Take care,

AV said...

Privet Pervoklashka! Ochen' rada tebya videt' ved' tak davno uzhe ne peresekalis'! Spasibo za zabotu, mne uzhe poluchshe, skoro sovsem legko stanet