Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Coming to a halt!

Happy New year everyone, I hope this year will be very productive! Since it is Holidays and I do not have to go to Uni that much, I have time to sit and organise my knits. I have a number of hibernating WIPs, some of them I had an urge to complete before 2008.
So, I knitted like mad, finishing almost everything (a part of lacy-bobble bolero, which is a summer material). The big bulk was Demi.
Started in early January 2007(back completed) it struck me as being hard and consequently laid forgotten in the bottom of my WIPs basket, until 5 days ago. I picked it up, started working on the front and absolutely fell in love. The pattern now seems so easy and interesting (maybe my skill had vastly improved over last year). I finished the front, realised the back armpit decreases were wrong, frogged, re-knitted; knitted the neck band, left sleeve and almost entire right sleeve (30 rows left)…. ran out of yarn! The pattern calls for 7 balls, well it looks like it is 7.1. While waiting for that ball I will have to put the whole sweater back in the basket and start my Christmas knitting. Shame really…
What Christmas Knitting? That is right; while everyone else feels relieved it is over, I have yet to visit my family in mid-February, so presents are yet to be done. I will post soon on it, telling what pattern I will be knitting (or have already started)

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Navi said...

I really hate when that happens but is looking gorgeous, I really have sweater envy.