Sunday, December 09, 2007

What is cooking?

Hooray, I am finally blogging about my ongoing projects, not just posting images of the finished ones!
First it is Mad Colour Sock knitted in Sunshine yarn. I love the pattern; love the yarn….but the colour itself…. Well, it is called Colorado sunset and in a skew it looked magnificent, in the knitting however it is a totally different story…

I’ve never seen Colorado sunset but this to me looks more like Gauguin’s Marquesas period. The pooling is psychedelic, cannot make out whether I like it or hate it. Interesting part of this knit is the fact I wanted to find the pattern to suit variegated yarn. My only previous experience of variegated was Monkey socks (which I have to admit turned out rather bad as yarn overshadowed the pattern) and this time around I wanted it to work. So, I hunted for some lovely yarn to knit this pattern. Still not convinced though fitting is great and yarn itself is fantastic.

Second, it is Icarus shawl for my boyfriend’s mum. It is done after almost three full weeks of knitting. The pattern is nice and simple but having 500sts in a row was new to me. I will wash and block it soonish, so expect FO pics soon

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Navi said...

I often like variegated yarn more in the skein than knitted. The Icarus looks great, pretty color!