Sunday, July 01, 2007

The One with the Sale and Chest Pain

I have been experiencing some chest pain through this week, so I am on a caffeine-free diet right now. Kind of tough, like I‘ve lost the grip of what I am doing, as my daily pace had to slow down. I am staying away form books and articles this weekend, devoting much of my time to knitting. Summer Breeze top is now 2/3 done, but there is no summer to wear it.
I also went to John Lewis yesterday to find out it was a huge sale day. Look what I’ve bought: 4 skews of Debbie Bliss Pure silk at the price 3 times cheaper! I would have liked to buy more but it was all they had left in this particular shade of silver grey. Have to find a pattern for it.

I also bought 1 ball of Rowan 4-ply Cotton for the bag I fell in love with this weekend. Go and check it out if you haven’t already done so at Purl Bee.

Oops, just realised, I never blogged about the top. Well I it is from German Burda 06/07, model 140. This is the picture from the mag and the one with the beginning of the back (I am now at the same place with the front)

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Navi said...

I love the pure silk yarn and is gorgeous in that color! Feel better.