Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have joined the club this year. I am not sure why actually: it was more of the spontaneous decision. I love knitting socks, and I love hand painted sock yarn, so I went with the flow.

So far it hasn’t been that smooth: the first packet got lost somewhere in the mail, but the nice and kind people send me a replacement, which I received this Saturday. Thank you the owners of the STR club, I gave up all my hope of seeing this lovely Monsoon yarn again.

Today my boyfriend called me from Cambridge and said that the second pack had arrived (I soooo want to see it, but in view of having exams, I will have to live in London until the 8th of May without any knitting).

This brings me to the point: I will have to blog about my recently bought yarn and the project I’ve started last weekend but haven’t yet show here for the next couple of weeks. Hope it will not be too boring.

Stay tune, I have big plans for my after exams rest ;)

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Navi said...

I just love the monsoon color! The skein is worth the whole sock club. And the second photo look really good too, is that the second shippment of STR club? I would just love to see how that knits up.

Good luck with the exams!