Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Almost there

I am desperate to finish at least something, the cold is almost gone and so what would be the point of my winter sweaters? I won’t be able even to take a picture in them.

So, I am on the quest to finish Martha, and then the mystery item, and then the Highgate (it has been collecting dust for far too long).

I was knitting in the train today on my way to Cambridge (was determined to finish the second sleeve). The elderly couple was sitting just opposite of me and the woman was ever so often glancing at my growing sleeve. When the train was approaching the platform the woman broke the silence and asked me where did I learn to knit THAT way? I know I don’t hold the needles in any known way because I am self-taught and I was already knitting for years before I realised something was wrong, but I figured it would be far to late to re-learn.

Anyway, the woman said she had been knitting for years and had never ever come across my method and she also said that my way is fast and very tension controlling. I am so pleased!!! Finally someone said something nice, not just a blank stair of annoyance as if I am not a knitter but a clown.

Martha is now washed and blocked

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Navi said...

I know the look, I'm also self-taught and knit funny. The sweater is looking great!