Saturday, December 09, 2006

More socks

There are some kind knitters in this world after all; one woman from Germany has ordered the yarn for me. Fingers crossed I will get it.

Therefore, there is no Gedifra knitting for now, I also ran out of yarn for River (there is something definitely wrong with me) and have no willpower to knit Phildar jacket as it is in plain stockinet stitch.

So, what do I do then for now? I have started another pair of socks for my baby (he asked for it after seeing my Hedera!). This is a well known pattern of Miranda child socks from Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, but I am substituting yarn, needle size, the rib length, and it will be in 2 colours, not to mention that it should fit a big guy’s foot. I have long had 3 balls of Jaeger Matchmaker DK in the colour that is no more available, it makes it 360m all together, so I will have to match it with a darker colour and stripe. Hopefully, it will look interesting and nice in the end.

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