Friday, November 24, 2006


I've had loads of laboratory work this week, and as usual it put a lot of strain on my hands. Do you know that if you have a coffee in the morning and then will have a precision work with pipette your hands will shake?

So, this week I was on a coffee-free diet. This was particularly tough due a non-stop rain. To compensate for all the inconvenience I was suffering I needed a relaxing knit to relieve the pressure from my fingers at the end of the day. And what could be better then working with small needless?

Since all my projects so far worked with needles 3.5-7mm, I had to start a new one. I know I am awful but here we go.

This is a sneak preview of what I’ve done this week: first Hedera sock. I LOVE IT.

And it is much more accurate then the Christmas Stocking. I guess it is because this time I am using aluminium needles (bamboo and me just don’t exactly go together).
I haven’t washed it yet, so some of the stitches are still not in the right place but I just had to show it to you

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Limita said...

Настя, поражаюсь такой мелкой и аккуратной работе.