Sunday, October 15, 2006

First post - 100 things about me

1.My real name is Anastasia, but since it s not truly English, people do pronounce it wrongly and I shortened it to Ana
2. As you can guess from my name I am Russian but have been living in UK for the past 5 years, this is my 6th year
3. I did also live in US for a year
4. I did my undergrad in Medical Genetics and absolutely loved it
5. I do love reading 100 things at other people’s blogs, so I thought this should be fun
6. It is not such fun as I have absolutely no idea what to write next
7. Well I am utterly awful at spelling as I am dyslexic
8. Sorry if some one is already offended by my poor punctuation.
9. This blog will be mostly about my knitting as it is my main hobby now. But there might be some other things as well ;)
10. I knit because it is fun and soothing; don't remember how it felt when I didn't know how to knit.
11. However, I did not knit for some years and came back to it just under 2 years ago.
12. I embodied a lot in the past (instead of knitting) but it was too demanding for my eyes
13. So my ophthalmologist told me to quit.
14. Never the less you can see I always was crafty
15.If anyone is interested I can show my cross-stitch work
16.I am vegetarian but do eat fish
17.Hate the smell of fried bacon, any pork food actually
18. I just love food up to the point when it gets absurdly and scary
19. For instance, I love tuna fish: can eat it fried, grilled, backed, canned and even boiled.
20. In fact, the smell of fried-grilled tuna is my favourite smell in the world.
21. My boyfriend cooks the best tuna ever because lots of people have no idea they suppose to marinate it in lemon juice prior to cooking
22. I also remember how many calories most of the food contains and it freaks out people around me
23. I don't consider prepared frozen or junk food as food, McDonald's is not a food chain it is national disaster.
24. Getting away from the food issue, since I do have an issue about it... I want to have a pet but unfortunately cannot have one right now
25. Cannot decide whether I will prefer a cat, a dog or a ferret…
26. Ferret does seem like a lot of fun but it might eat all my yarn
27. I am truly unorganised, so when I am knitting yarn is all over my flat, even in the kitchen (particularly when I try felting)
28. I can never work on only one project
29. Usually it is something like 3-4 at a time.
30. My wish list would be soooooo long I wont even bother making one
31. I've been knitting a jacket-sweater for my boyfriend for the past year and frogged it like 20 times
32. Secretly I think I will never finish it.
33. He doesn't know about it.
34. I've been going out with my boyfriend for over 5 years now
35. In fact we are living together and he has to put up with me and my hobby
36. Friends say I have a mental age of 9.
37. Just to prove it: I collect Barbie dolls, the collectible ones
38. So far I have 21 and there is no space in my flat to display them.
39. I also love books, only until I have to move and pack them.
40. I do try to clear my book shelves twice a year but it doesn't help much
41. I love stupid tearful romantic books with happy endings
42. Same applies to movies
43. I have a full collection of Jane Austen books and BBC period drama adaptations on them
44. I love BBC period drama
45. I hate scary movies as they scare the shit out of me and I am afraid to sleep in the dark.
46. I never read or watched 'Lord of the Rings'.
47. Don't have TV at all, so just watch DVD
48. I love rock music…
49. Silverchair is my all time favourite
50. In fact, I am sort of a fan, but I never been to any of their gigs, just love the music
51. Ok, that does sound pathetic, one day I will go (when they are in UK)
52. I don't like rap and folk music
53. I wish I could play the piano, but I am too lazy to learn
54. I think I will learn it in the future
55. I don't know how to play it because my parents forced me to learn and I was a very rebellious child
56. I have a huge family as my parents are divorced and re-married
57. I am the oldest child
58. Had to help with younger brother and sisters and so still not ready to think about kids
59. My family is so large my friends can never remember all the connections
60. They think I should make a sitcom about them
61. I don't like some of my relatives
62. Fortunately I do live in a different country
63. But I do love my close relatives
64. I do live in the Hall and the flat
65. That is why I put two locations in my personal info
66. I can never sleep properly in the hall as it is too noisy
67. My flatmates think I am a cleaning freak and a very boring person since all I do is clean the shared kitchen and complain about the lack of sleep I am getting
68. I have to live in the hall because I am doing my Masters in London and my boyfriend works in Cambridge
69. It takes 2.5hrs to commute between them
70. I hate underground in London (but so is almost everyone in London)
71. I hope to do my masters well so would be able to apply for my PhD in Cambridge.
72. I did my undergraduate thesis on fruit flies and killed lots of them in the process
73. This year I am doing something more human related-Brk and cell cycle (Brk is involved in certain types of breast cancer).
74. Oh yes, I am mastering in Molecular Medicine with Cancer Research
75. I love my masters, modules are so challenging; I can literally feel my personal development.
76. I am I strong believer that science is fun!
77. I did want to be a doctor before but collapsed in the pathology department during the interview at med school (autopsy is not something for my stomach).
78. Seriously glad I am not a doctor (yeah, spared lots of humiliating moments in my life)
79. I want to be a lecture in Uni and do academic research
80. I am pathetic when it comes to finance, though I love maths
81. My boyfriend looks after my money (thank God for it)
82. He also has to stop me from buying more yarn
83. In fact my yarn stashes are absolutely massive, have no idea when I will knit it all but I still buy more yarn.
84. I love German and French Knitting mags coz they have diagrams
85. I do make my own diagrams to most things I am knitting if there is not one available.
86. I still haven't tried many techniques I would like to.
87. But really, this is no end to learning, so I will never learn everything
88. I took pottery and black and white photography classes before but didn’t find them as relaxing as knitting
89. I do love badminton but have no chance to practice now coz had an operation on my toe
90. I am dieting most of the time now coz I was on hormone therapy and gained 20kg
91. I lost 8kg already but it is a tough thing to do as I sooooooo love chocolate.
92. Haven't tasted chocolate since 23rd of June...... After 3 months I learned that it is possible to live without it and cravings kind of stopped
93. Quitting sweets is definitely easier then smoking (I stopped 5 years ago, but sometimes cravings kick in)
94. I manage to replace the satisfaction that I would have normally got from food with yarn shopping
95. I don’t have that much free time but I force myself to visit gym
96. My mojo to loose weigh is knitting related: the thinner you get, the less yarn you need for the garment (so you safe money and time)!
97. Not bad, let’s see how I will look at summer
98. I get inspiration for my knitting at other people’s blogs
99. In fact I find them more inspirational then knitting books (you get to see a garment in real life conditions/day light/ on normal bodies)
100. I don't always comment on blogs but still thank you for being there.

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Navi said...

I never got around to read this but I did it while waiting for my BF to arrive. I love it, I also like teary books and Jane Austen is one of my favorites. Im also a fan of the BBC.

Your studies seem really interisting and I love the photo on your profile, did you take it?

I also have a big family, and right now I'm craving tuna for dinner (or supper jeje)